Arboretum Festival 2015 [August 22, 2015]

After four exciting nights of live music, Arboretum Festival 2015 ended with fun and understanding.

Austra @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Austra ending Arboretum festival on the main stage.

Saturday’s event started off in the afternoon with some talks and panel discussion.
Performances by Austra, U.S. Girls, Hayden, The Weather Station, Saxsyndrums/Year of Glad, Shalabi Effect (Forgot to photograph them), Phèdre, Kings College, Petra Glynt, Piphauntas, Del Bel and New Fries.
The first one I missed out was called Unceded Ottawa (Click on the FB event for more info).

ARB2015: IF YOU BUILD IT: Cultural, Social and Environmental Responsibility in Modern Development
The second talks which I caught was If You Build It: Cultural, Social and Environmental Responsibility in Modern Development.

More info about that talk, click here.

The third talk was Arbtalks: Islands In The Stream: Connecting with Music in the Age of Infinite Access.

ARBTALKS: Islands In The Stream
Due to the time allotted from the two talks, this one had to be cut really short. This was the talk I wanted to check out the most because it had Laurie Brown from CBC Radio 2’s The Signal and Marie from Weird Canada. It was a nice discussion about music in general and how things have change from today and the past when how people get their music.

After the talks the live music began with Ottawa’s Gamelan Semara Winangun.

Gamelan Semara Winangun @ Arboretum Festival 2015
It was very unique that the festival had Indonesian music to began Saturday’s event. Very cool and different that you don’t see at any music festival.

Semara Winangun is an Ottawa-based gamelan led (or ‘facilitated’ as he would say) by Jamie Gullikson. Once a week, we come together to play shimmering music in the basement of the Indonesian Embassy where we are surrounded by dragons and gongs and watched over by the gods that inhabit our instruments.
In contemporary usage, the word “gamelan” just means orchestra. There are many different types of gamelan in Indonesia; the music that we play comes from the island of Bali.

Del Bel @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Del Bel performed a great set at the Warehouse.
Saxsyndrum/Year of Glad @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Saxsyndrum surprised me the most. It was totally new sound since they added the members of Year of Glad. Very atmospheric like vibe and sound.
Pipahauntas @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Pipahauntas got things all chilled out with lo-fi R&B pop music in the warehouse
The Weather Station @ Arboretum Festival 2015
The Weather Station performed a wonderful folk pop set at the main stage. Performing tracks from the current album Loyalty.
New Fries @ Arboretum Festival 2015
The one time that I went the free show which was a 15 minute walk. Didn’t want to miss Toronto’s New Fries. Fun loud experimental loud rock set. Different to see them perform at a outdoor setting while the sun is still shining.
Petra Glynt @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Walked back and got there for the last two songs by Petra Glynt. She definitely wowed the audience with the electro-dance music.
Hayden @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Hayden got the audience swaying to his folk rock music. Enjoyed his cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Games.
U.S. Girls @ Arboretum Festival 2015
U.S. Girls was the second last act on the main stage. She performed material from the upcoming album Half Free. Lots of dancing and grooving.
Kings College @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Kings College who are a Toronto hip-hop act that performed at the warehouse.

Austra @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Austra ended the show on the main stage with their electronica dance pop music. Katie mentioned this: “It’s rare to have two female-led bands headline a festival”. Fun time dancing to tracks from their debut album Free It Break to Olympia. Of course I had to sing so loud during Lose It that I nearly lost my voice. They performed one new song. Absolutely great to see them!

Phèdre @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Toronto’s Phedre was the last act to perform at the warehouse. Very different vibe to their music this time. More of hip-hop dance and some heavy glitchy electronica music. But it got me dancing that no one has ever seen me dance before. They had two back up dancers on stage.

After all that fun on Saturday, this was one way to end summer of 2015.
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