Arboretum Festival 2015 [August 21, 2015]

Time and summer is going by so fast at Arboretum Festival.
The third night of the festival took place at Albert Island which was a nice area that they held it at.
Performing on Friday night were Braids, New Swears, The Sadies, Tweens, Milk Lines and Nightshades.

Braids @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Braids was the headliner for Friday night. They performed an awesome set. Mostly materials from the short-listed Polaris Music Prize album for Deep In The Iris. It was a mix of pop, electro and dance. Best part was dancing to Blondie, Warm Like Summer and Miniskirt!
New Swears @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Is that Bruce Springsteen? Nah! It’s New Swears who did their version of the Boss’ Dancing In The Dark. Of course they performed and killed it at the festival! It was insanity to the max!
Tweens @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Milk Lines @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Milk Lines from Toronto!
Scattered Clouds @ Arboretum Festival 2015
Starting Arboretum Festival for Friday was Hull/Ottawa act Scattered Clouds! Performance was superbly awesome as always with their experimental dark rock music. No it is not a Hilotron’s side project!
Miles In The Sky Ensemble @ Arboretum Festival 2015
There was a afterparty in the warehouse which was Miles in the Sky Ensemble. It was a fun groovey and dancey set!

A perfect evening to kick off the weekend portion of the festival!
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