Arboretum Music + Arts Festival [September 15, 2012]

The day had finally come on September 15th.
The long awaited inaugural edition of Arboretum Music + Arts Festival which took place at the HI Ottawa Hostel and Arts Court/Club Saw.
There was alot to see, hear, do and eat at this festival.
It was a nice day to enjoy.
Arboretum Music + Arts Festival
Having missed out Catriona Sturton‘s set at around 10:30am.
I got there when Jenny Omnichord was starting her set.
She played a nice set in the Arts Courts part of the Children’s music programming happening at the Arts Court/Saw Gallery.

Then Michael Caffrey was next and got the kids to play with the instruments which made crazy sounds.

The music started at noon with Ottawa’s Andrew Vincent playing his set of music.
During that his iPod played the wrong track but still a great set to start off the festival.

After was Ferriswheel which got people in a mellow mood of instrumental folk rock music.

Things was kicked up a notch with local loud rock/punkers Pregnancy Scares and Crusades.
Let’s say both acts totally killed it!

Over at the Arts Court, I caught parts of Adam Saikaley’s set.
It was pretty dancey and groovey!
Matt Morel was pretty much experimental!

Then I caught Shotgun Jimmie‘s set.
Fun and entertaining set!
He got Rolf and Pat of the Acorn to back him up on some good rocking songs!

Caught abit of Hard Science.

Steamboat from Toronto got really funky with their set.
I was surprised to see Maylee Todd sing on one of their songs!

Then Sandro Perri mesmerized the audience with his music.
Wonderful hearing Wolfman play at the end of the set!

Boyhood did rocked it up over at the Arts Court.
It was a hard decision since Sandro and Boyhood were playing at the same time.

After’s Sandro’s set was done.
Thing was kicked up a notch with Ottawa’s The Steve Adamyk Band!

Caught parts of MC Highneken.
Kind of made me do some booty shaking dancing 😛

Ohbijou came on and it was crazy!
People ran near the front stage. It’s been awhile since the band last played in Ottawa.
It was an amazing set. Loved hearing New Years, Niagara and Black Ice and many more.
Kind of sad that they didn’t play St.Francis.
Then Casey literally got off the stage and sang into the audience.
You had to be there to see it.

Roberta Bondar was the last band to end off the set at the Arts Court.
They were tearing it up with their experimental hot rock music.

Cadence Weapon just got things up a beat with his hip-hop music.
People were dancing left, right and centre!
Playing tracks from his current and past albums!

Then Jokers of the Scene ended off with a massive dance party set!

Overall, I totally enjoyed the Arboretum Festival.
The atmosphere was refreshing and there wasn’t any hassle and more laidback (Unless some festivals in Ottawa which shall be nameless :P).
People were enjoying the music, arts and of course the food.
Everyone like the staff, volunteer and Ottawa folks was very supportive with it!
I was bummed out that I didn’t get to get to try Strata’s Pizza, which sold out after 6pm.
Hoping and crossing my fingers for Arboretum Festival in 2013.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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