Arkells @ Capital + Interview

Arkells @ Capital Music HallAnother crazy night on November 7th.
After the Young Galaxy show at Zaphods.
Went to Capital Music Hall to see the Arkells play live in Ottawa.
Haven’t seen them since Bluesfest and last year at Barrymores who they opened up for Matt Mays.
In under just one year, this band sure knows how to sell out a crowd and promoting Jackson Square.
With the album being still in high rotation with tracks like Oh! The Boss Is Coming and The Ballad Of Hugo Chavez, Pullin’ Punches and Deadlines.
When I got there, I was totally blown away with the turnout of this show.
Ottawa sure has a big following for them.
Missed out the openers which were The Novaks and Hollerado.
Hopefully I will try to see those two bands play live in Ottawa later on.

Arkells @ Capital Music HallThe show started and they just blew the roof off Capital Music Hall.
Amazing to see the audience sing every word of their songs.
My favorite was when they played Oh, The Boss Is Coming and everyone went crazy.
Last song before the encore they sang John Lennon.
Nice part when they did a small part of Eleanor Rigby.
Mostly sang from the Jackson Square album and probably two new songs.
It was an amazing show and was happy to be there.
Thinking big things will happen for the Arkells in the coming years or months.
Judging by the turnout they will become big rock stars very soon.

Before the show happened.
Got a chance to interview Max from Arkells.
In the interview we chatted about the music, touring, what he loves about Ottawa and other stuff.
There might be parts in the interview where it might be quiet due to one of the staff members bringing in a lamp.
Also want to thank Kara from Bands Undone for helping me out ask some questions.

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