Young Galaxy @ Zaphod Beeblebrox [November 7, 2009]

It was a busy November 7th night in Ottawa.
This was one of the two shows I went to that Saturday.
I went to this one because I really wanted to see Young Galaxy play again.
Already loving their album “Invisible Republic”.
Young Galaxy @ Zaphods
Also playing at the show at Zaphods were:
Blazer from Ottawa.
Blazer @ Zaphods
Politique from Ottawa.
Politique @ Zaphods

The show started off with Blazer.
They pretty much rocked up to their set.
Made it very lively with their music.
The people who were there enjoyed it.

After them was Politique.
They were fun as always. With their sound of new wave dance pop.
It was a great set. They sang one or two new songs.
The band is going to be working on a new album very soon.

Lastly, Young Galaxy came up on stage.
Like last time, the whole band wore monk suits to add to the creativeness of the set.
Loved the watery lights and laser lights.
This time some of the members had makeup on their faces and Catherine had a costume on.

It was a pretty neat set.
Almost the same setlist but this time I actually knew and sang some of the songs like Destroyer, Oh Sister and Firestruck.
Really enjoyed the show that night.

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