Bands Undone: Meadowlark Five

Photo from their Myspace site

Bands Undone* is an exclusive event not open to the general public, but as a fan, you have a chance to win a spot to see the band up close and personal. All you have to do is e-mail me at if you are a blogger or journalist.

Meadowlark Five is a band from Sudbury Ontario.
Music is indie folk-rock
Band members consist of:
Steph Duchesne (drums)
Danica Guenette (vocals)
Paul Loewenberg (bass, vocals, keyboards)
Matthew Beech (guitar)
Clayton Drake (keyboards, vocals)
Jonathan Danyliw (guitar, vocals, bass)

*Bands Undone is an in-store media session series involving exclusive sessions with indie acts – inviting bloggers, journalists, and other key people for a small stripped down performance and Q&A.

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