The Ghost Is Dancing with Rubik and Loon Choir @ Cafe Dekcuf

October 17th seem to be a busy night with show. Ottawa seems to be the final touring stop for some musicians and bands.
There was this show at Zaphods and there was a heavy metal show coming from Mavericks (which you can feel the ground shaking).
My alternative was to go to Cafe Dekcuf.
Playing there were:

I was excited to see The Ghost Is Dancing since I haven’t seen them since June.
Also there was Rubik who I was very curious is seeing live. Why? Because this band is from Finland.

The first band to play was Loon Choir.
Second time seeing this Ottawa band play.
Loon Choir @ Cafe Dekcuf
They are improving very well or maybe the venue is alot better than last time I saw them which was at Avant-Garde Bar.
This time they sounded indie pop rock with some new wave sound which I really liked.
After their set I talked to Derek Atkinson and asked them what is up with them.
They are working on their full length album. To my surprise, they are working with James or Ryan or Andrew of Ohbijou on producing their full length.
Can’t wait for that.
Loon Choir @ Cafe Dekcuf
The second band to play was Rubik. This band is from Finland and surely has impressed myself with their music.
Have to say bands coming from Europe usually has the best sound.
When this six piece came up on the same stage of Dekcuf, I was amazed with the instruments they had up there.
Their live music is so intense, energetic and vibrant.
The only thing that amazed me the most was the lead singer wearing that winter hat during the whole set.
Rubik @ Cafe Dekcuf
Don’t know how he does it.
They were very fun to listen.
When will Ottawa have a band from Finland come back?
Not to sound too critical, just wish people in Ottawa would come to some shows like this (If some of you read this site?). I know we don’t have a scene in Ottawa just that people should need to know what is happening and enjoy it.
Definitely need to get their album since I was surprised they were all sold out.
Rubik @ Cafe Dekcuf
Finally it was The Ghost Is Dancing.
I didn’t stay long due to relying on public transportation.
But I did catch five of their songs.
Which was mostly from the album Battles On.
The Ghost Is Dancing @ Cafe Dekcuf
Started out with Dream of a Failed Architect, Battles On, Louis Riel and This Thunder (which they dedicated to me).
Of course their set had to have someone take off something.
Which was Lesley who had to take off her stockings off.
What I heard after I left the fifth song, their finale which I think is Rogues & Heroes.
The band Rubik came up on stage and played with them since they had trumpets/horns with them.
Wish I got to see the whole set.
The Ghost Is Dancing @ Cafe Dekcuf
At least it was a good way to top off their North American tour.

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