Barenaked Ladies and Ron Sexsmith @ NAC

Barenaked Ladies at National Art Gallery

It was the second last night of Barenaked Ladies‘ Fake Nudes Tour.
Concert take place at National Arts Centre’s Southam Hall.
Ron Sexsmith @ NACRon Sexsmith started off the show.
It was just him solo and his guitar performing tracks from his current album and some old ones.
He performed Whatever It Takes and joked that his version is better than Michael Buble.
Barenaked Ladies @ NAC
It was the big show with Barenaked Ladies.
This was the second time in my life time see them perform.
They are currently promoting their 15th album Fake Nudes.
I still can’t believe through the ups and downs the band has endured, they are still going at it.
While I missed their height of their popularity around the 90s-00s.
I was there mostly to hear the classics like Brian Wilson, This Old Apartment and If I Had a $1,000,000.
Overall it was a fun and entertaining show with lots of humorous banter and great impromptu jams/covers.
The band still has in them to get the audience having a good time singing and dancing to their music
Check out the photos.

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