Basia Bulat @ The Blacksheep Inn [January 23, 2009]

Just got back from my second night of seeing Basia Bulat.
This time she played at the lovely Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield.
It was packed with alot people. I guess she has a great Ottawa fanbase or great word of mouth.
Yes I am a truly dedicated Basia fan. I guess you can call me a “Basia-fanatic”
Got there and thinking I’d be there early. No there were other people that got there very early.
Soundcheck she mostly sang the new songs.
It was the same thing as the Ottawa U show.
I have to say that I was really surprise by the audience this time. They were well behaved then other shows I’ve been to at the Blacksheep Inn.
And the atmosphere is alot better.

The opener was Leif Vollebekk.
I thought he was great this time. This time he sang on the piano and made it want to listen to his album again. (Which I will make a review very soon)
His set was amazing this time.

Then the lovely Basia Bulat came on.
The audience were silenced.
I decided to sit on the floor in front of the stage.
Amazing set she put on. There was a small incident with people and their digicams that have the red infrared light.
Its Basia’s show and she can do whatever she wants. At least she was very polite about it while her bandmates had some funny banter.
That is why fans like her because she is so nice and sings amazing songs.
Love an artist that will interact and talk to her fans.
She sang like 6-7 new songs which I hope will be on the upcoming 2009 album.

Great to hear the songs, clap along and sing too.

Here is the setlist:

  • If I Was A Daughter (She wrote CLAP)
  • Canyon
  • Go On (Amazing!)
  • December
  • Dollhouse
  • Little Waltz
  • A Secret (That was when Lucy the Blacksheep Inn dog barked during the song. That dog is so cute!)
  • In The Night (Amazing!)
  • Gold Rush (Love this song)
  • The Pilgriming Vine
  • N.Road
  • Dylan
  • Snakes and Ladder (I love that song!)
  • Daniel Johntson’s cover “True Love Will Find You in the End


  • Before I Knew (Love when the whole audience did the clapping! I always have trouble singing the song while doing the clapping.)
  • Touch The Hem Of His Garment
  • Untitled new song (Amazing and brought chills down my spine because she sang acappella with a ukulele and the whole place was so quiet and you can hear a pin drop)


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