Belle Tower – Small [Music Video]

Today, Montreal musician Belle Tower dropped the lyrical music video for Small.
The track is taken from the upcoming EP ‘tend to’ which comes out on April 27th, 2021 and also recorded in the basement of Montreal band Winona Forever.
A moody indie psych-rock tune.

About the song:
The lyrics dance around the story of seeking approval from someone who continuously makes you feel small and speaks to the microaggressions experienced as a woman in the music industry.

“Small” represents the double-edged sword of angst and longing that comes from engaging in something you know is bad for you.
I once read somewhere that anger is a response to recognizing your worth when you have been mistreated; like your loud and unapologetic friend who advocates for you at all costs.
I have come to understand and appreciate this emotion as a way to tap into the creative process.

Small gets:

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