Best of 2010: Canadian Albums (#21-#30)

Here is another installment of the best of 2010 Canadian albums.
At the moment I am trying to re-arrange the whole Top 30 now.
There is alot of great Canadian albums in 2010, its very hard where to place them.
This time its from #21-#30.
Hope you will like who is in this list.
Don’t forget to check out their music.

  1. Shapes and SizesCandle To The Your Eye

  2. Such an underrated album of 2010.
    Candle To Your Eyes is a change from their prevous effort Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner.
    Its very slow, experimental, somewhat dark and spacious.
    Listen to I Need an Outlet and Tell Your Mom

  3. Meligrove Band – Shimmering Lights
  4. meligrove
    I can’t believe this band has been around for a long time and just noticed them this year.
    This album is full of great indie alterna-pop-electro tunes.
    Listen to Bones Attack!! and Racing To Shimmering Lights

  5. BrasstronautMount Chimaera

  6. The wait was good on this debut album and you can tell how much they have changed with their first EP.
    Something about Edo’s vocal has alot of emotions when he sings.
    Their instrumentation of the turmpet and keyboards is absolutely brilliant.
    Listen to Slow Knots and Six Toes (via Listen Before You Buy)

  7. Hooded FangHooded Fang Album

  8. This album consist of twelve catchy poppy tracks that you will absolutely fall in love.
    Listen to Sleep Song (via i(heart)music) and Laughing (via Herohill)

  9. Loon ChoirExpansion Forces

  10. It does has abit of that James Bunton/Ohbijou touch but in Loon Choir’s own style.
    I was very surprised with the album, considering with their shows they are indie rock.
    It is a change on the album and probably want to be versatile with their sound.
    All nine tracks are great.
    Listen to Bricks and New Forewarnings

  11. Tokyo Police ClubChamp

  12. The only significant thing in Champ is that most of the tracks are pass the 2 minute mark.
    A much longer album which is a step up from Elephant Shell.
    As the band is transitioning with their sound, you can tell that with Champ they are maturing.
    Listen to Breakneck SpeedWait Up (Boots Of Danger), Bambi (via music for ants)

  13. The Wilderness Of ManitobaWhen You Left The Fire

  14. The album is catchy to listen and is easy to sing along to the lyrics.
    Overall I am very impress with “When You Left The Fire” they upped the level of their music.
    Listen to Hermit and Sea Song (via i(heart)music)

  15. Aidan KnightVersicolour

  16. Versicolour is a blend of indie acoustic chamber folk pop.
    Listen to Jasper (via Slowcoustic) The Sun and Fighting Against Your Lungs (via Draw.Us.Lines)

  17. Yukon Blonde – Yukon Blonde

  18. This British Columbia released a great rocking debut album.
    Listen to Wind Blows and Rather Be With You (via mfr)

  19. Final FlashHomeless

  20. A fun rocking album.
    I swear there is alot of great talent coming out in the Montreal music scene.
    Listen to Go Outside (via Vague Space), The Awakening and When the Day Turns Black (via

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