Best of 2010: Singles (#31-#40)

Here is another installment on the best of 2010: Singles.
Its the singles from #31-#40.
As mentioned before some of the singles will be based from the Singles Chart on this site.
You might find some of the mainstream singles kind of lower in the list.
But its not about what is popular just as long they are on the 2010 list.
There is a two Glee songs in this list and you just have to find out which one they are.
Check out the list.

  1. Winter GlovesPlastic Slides
  2. The Montreal band came back with a great upbeat energetic indie pop-synth track.

  3. NightwoodCarve A Path Like A Valley Through The Land
  4. CAPLAVTTL (as I like to call it).
    Montreal’s Nightwood only released this song in 2010 and its such a heavy dark song. The drumming is so intense and wanted to put them in the list.
    Carve a path like a valley through the land

  5. David Guetta feat. Kid CudiMemories
  6. Something about this song I can’t stop dancing to.

  7. Cee-Lo GreenF**k You (via. Side One Track One)
  8. One of the most filthiest and catchiest song of 2010.
    Best line of the song has to be “I guess he’s an Xbox and I’m more an Atari.“.

    I like this version of the video.

  9. Glee CastForget You
  10. Who doesn’t mind the clean version by the lovely cast of Glee featuring Gwyneth Paltrow.
    Guessing the wife of Coldplay’s Chris Martin must have helped her out on the singing.

  11. Silly KissersYou Could Even Like Me
  12. I love this band a lot with their catchy 80s poppy dance tunes that I just had to put them in this list.
    This is a unique video they did for some Montreal show where they sang one of their songs on a boat.

  13. Eminem feat Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie/Love The Way You Lie Part II
  14. Controversial song of 2010 due to the violent music video.
    But you can’t get Rihanna’s cold chilling vocals out of your head.

  15. Kanye WestPower (via. Whale In A Cubicle)
  16. There was something about his SNL performance that made it so elaborate.
    Such a great track off from “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.

  17. Tashtook – End Of Summer (#1 on Chart #20)
  18. This song coming from the lead singer of Ruby Coast.
    Great end of summer hip-hop pop feel.

  19. Glee CastTeenage Dream
  20. Prefer this version than the original

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