Best of 2013: Singles/Music Videos [#34-43]

Here is the best of 2013 for singles and music.
This time is it from #34 to #43.
Check it out!

  1. Katy Perry – Roar
  2. artworks-000055120343-7kdcbw-t500x500.jpg
    Just had to put it on the list. May not be her strongest but it is kind of catchy.

  3. Shad – Stylin
  4. Shad returned in 2013 with this dope track.

  5. Jon Hopkins feat. Purity Ring – Breathe This Air
  6. artworks-000054814124-y3priu-t500x500.jpg
    Great collaboration of 2013. Adding vocals brings life to the song.

  7. HAIM – The Wire
  8. artworks-000054545396-thr28b-t500x500.jpg
    The “it” band of 2013. Thanks to this track. Music video is very funny.

  9. AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It
  10. artworks-000049741290-7kvx0d-t500x500.jpg
    Single and music video got re-released for their debut “Body Music”. Funky electro-R&B tune that gets you dancing.

  11. Keep Shelly In Athens – Oostende
  12. artworks-000054140951-uma4dn-t500x500.jpg
    First time hearing this band, I couldn’t help fall in love with the dream electro-pop sound.

  13. The Dirty Nil – Zombie Eyed/Nicotine
  14. artworks-000037772765-2mhrg3-t500x500.jpg
    Zombie Eyed is great lo-fi punk rocking tune. While the music video for Nicotine is very funny to watch.

  15. SOHN – Lessons
  16. artworks-000057515096-7ajzbl-t500x500.jpg
    Lessons sounds very from like The Weeknd but more electronica.

  17. King Krule – Easy Easy
  18. artworks-000052772989-mx3pry-t500x500.jpg
    Bad ass electro-punk rock track from a artist formerly known as Zoo Kid.

  19. Lorde – Royals
  20. Cool track but very cheesy on the name droppings of Grey Goose and Cadillac.

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