Best of 2017 : Non-Canadian Singles [Top 17]

2017 has come to a close.
Here are my Top 17 Non-Canadian Singles.
I have to say my #1 singles pick could some up just three words to those who have wronged you!
Hope you enjoy this list!

1. Empress Of – Go to Hell [One of those songs that when you are feeling angry at your ex or someone. This is a subtle way to tell them to get out of my life!]

2. Japanese Breakfast – Boyish [One of the standout tracks from Soft Sounds From Another Planet. The song has that retro 60s vibe.]

3. The xx – I Dare You [Love the beginning beats to the song]

4. LCD Soundsystem – call the police [Fine return from the Brooklyn band]

5. Kelly Lee Owens – Throwing Lines [This song just captivated me with its electro-ambient dance music. Music video is kind of funny.]

6. Perfume Genius – Die 4 You [Sure knows how to make an elegant sad pop song]

7. The National – Sleep Well Beast [Taken from the album of the same name. Surprised by the experiment synth-rock route. Dreamy and emotional at the same time]

8. Björk – Arisen My Senses [How can Björk outdo herself? Is by being herself as always.]

9. Photay – Outré Lux (feat. Madison McFerrin) [I didn’t know who New York’s Photay was. Wasn’t until I saw the album cover at a music festival. Popped in Onism and this track stood out with its blend of electro-ambient chillwave music!]

10. Agent Blå – Frustrerad [First time hearing this song from the Swedish band who got signed to Kanine Records, I was like whoa this song is insane! Mind you the F-bombs being dropped. Is this a female empowerment song?]

11. Fever Ray – IDK About You [The return of Fever Ray got everyone into a tizzy. This is one track I truly enjoyed!]

12. Mount Eerie – Raven [Makes you want to cherish life big time. If you haven’t heard A Crow Looked At Me, then you have no soul!]

13. Jay Som – Baybee [Solid effort by the Oakland artist]

14. Slowdive – Don’t Know Why [Another fine return by this British act. Beautiful dream-pop shoegaze track]

15. Taylor Swift – Dancing With Our Hands Tied [One track that I picked that isn’t the leading single and the one that I actually like on reputation]

16. Diet Cig – Tummyache [Exciting song and exciting band from New York City]

17. Charly Bliss – Percolator [They remind of the 90s alternative rock sound like Vercua Salt]

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