Bluesfest 2009: Day 3

Wow the festival keeps getting better.
This time it was mostly a American indie folk-rock-alternative theme except for one who is a local.
This time I stayed for a whole set.
The acts that I saw were:

The Dodos
The Dodos @ Ottawa BluesfestThe Dodos @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Lindsay Ferguson(Ottawa singer)
I had to help out a friend take photos of her set which he needed for the Wakefield Newspaper.
Lindsay Ferguson @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Okkervil River
Okkervil River @ Ottawa Bluesfest
DeVotchKa @ Ottawa BluesfestDeVotchKa @ Ottawa Bluesfest
I was blown away hearing The Dodos, Okkervil River and Devotchka.
This was another fun night of music.
I wonder if I should give away my Devotchka signed ticket stub???
I will later try to revised this entry. Haven’t gotten enough sleep.

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