Bluesfest 2009: Day 5

All I can is the BEST DAY EVER!.
I’m still overwhelmed during Girl Talk’s set which I will explain later.
Probably one of the most talked about show in all of Bluesfest this year.

But first I should start from the beginning.
It was the fifth day of Bluesfest and it was filled with alot of acts that I wanted to see.

I headed up for the Blacksheep Stage and playing first was The Balconies.
I’ve seen them alot but it was great for them to play that stage for their first time.
Nice to see alot of people enjoying their music.
Its great to see a band with a fanbase growing.
Nice that Elizabeth Powell of Land Of Talk gave them a shout out.
Got their debut album which I hope, get a chance to review it on here.
Check out 300 Pages live.
The Balconies @ Ottawa Bluesfest
After that I checked out abit of the Sedatives playing at the Hard Rock Cafe Stage.
I sort had trouble getting my shots because of “strict” volunteers.
I am like come on, even for a local band security has to be that tight.
Sedatives @ Ottawa Bluesfest
To get my mind off that incident I went back to the Blacksheep Stage.
Playing were the Sunpalour Players.
I was totally blown away on how great they were live.
Glad I did get a chance to see them live in Ottawa, usually they play at the Blacksheep Inn and that is so far to get to.
A band to check out live.
Sunparlour Players @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Then Land Of Talk played after Sunparlour Players at the Blacksheep Stage.
I was glad to see them play live and surprised Elizabeth Powell that I stayed for the show.
Said to her after The Balconies ended that I wouldn’t get a chance to see Land Of Talk live but with the time schedule going back to the original time, I was glad to see them live!
Loved hearing Yuppy Flu as the starting song.
Wished they played abit longer for their set.
Glad they are back on touring mode since last fall Elizabeth had to cancel due throat illness making her not able to sing.
Land Of Talk @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Then went the Hard Rock Cafe Stage and it was King Khan and the BBQ Show.
Somehow it was dejavu because I saw them at NxNE and the setlist was the same but at least it was a different costume for the guitarist.
King Khan & The BBQ Show @ Ottawa Bluesfest
I decided to have a nice chat with Elizabeth Powell of Land Of Talk.
Talked about whatever we can say.
She told me the reason they went back to their original timeslot was that their drummer was going to be late but when Bluesfest people got word from Canadian Customs that he arrived at the airport. The customs people did a quick job on getting him to Bluesfest very quickly. What a interesting story to hear.
I gave her the website for this so she can check out.
I hope she will like it. At least she told me that its good that I am just focusing on the positive stuff of music and its not right on being negative just to get attention.

After that I got to see Jenn Grant.
Then it started raining but I survived.
I was surprised she sang Dreamer.
Amazing singer and surprised with the turnout.
Jenn Grant @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Now here comes the big excitement.
I decided to hit up Girl Talk.
Missing out on Thunderheist but my brother took my place for me.
I got lucky and went on stage and dance to Girl Talk’s music instead.
So I didn’t get any photo action, I just wanted to experience the Girl Talk excitement. I saw the documentary RIP: A Remix Manifesto.
Had a clip where he played at a music festival and people came on stage dancing to the music.
I still can’t believe that I went on stage to dance. Which I know there will be alot of photos of myself dancing like an idiot.
But it was worth it to be behind Girl Talk.
I was surprised with the crowds there, it was so insane that the gates in the middle broke.
It was insanity with the toilet paper and confetti.
It was one big highschool dance party.
Nice that Girl Talk played a Michael Jackson song.
Words can’t explain the experience I just encountered.
If you saw me dancing like a fool on stage, please make a comment.
Here is a different perspective from Cobrasnatch.

Joe Cocker was interesting but I was just there for one song.
Joe Cocker @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Mother Mother was totally amazing live.
Great that they alot of people went to see them.
I am guessing like about 2,000 people were there.
Mother Mother @ Ottawa Bluesfest
That was day 5 of my Bluesfest excitement.


  1. François

    I saw you dancing like a fool on stage. it was hilarious…AND, he played like 3 MJ songs plus 1 Jackson 5. You describe quite well with as one crazy high school party!

  2. max

    i saw you up there and was pretty jealous, even though i was in the front row… craziest show i’ve ever been to. so much fun.

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