Bluesfest 2010: Day 9

The night after Santana (who I didn’t see) seemed kind of a low-key affair with some acts.
Well not the case with another band who I happened to shoot as my backup if I didn’t get to shoot Crowded House.
The acts that I saw on July 15th at Bluesfest were:

Here are the photos.
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I am kicking myself for not seeing Dana Fuchs who happened to play the same time as Islands.
Just found out that she was one of the singers on the “Across The Universe” soundtrack.

First set I went to was at the Black Sheep Tent.
Went to see this artist named Chiwoniso.
She had an instrument called the mbira.
Chiwoniso @ Bluesfest
It was some performance she did.

Headed off to the Subway Stage at 6:30pm to see Islands.
This was my first time seeing them.
There was a vast of teenage girls crowding up the front.
Due to the headliner being Marianas Trench.
It was very interesting to say.

I felt Islands set to be somewhat flat.
Considering hearing from people that Islands always put on a great show.
Since they had no original members anymore.
It was like a new incarnation of the band.
Somehow I really didn’t feel connected to their music.
Maybe I haven’t heard any of their music besides.
Next time I will try to get enjoy their set if they come back to Ottawa.

At 7pm went over to the MBNA stage.
Old Crow Medicine Show was playing.
They are from Nashville and they had that hillbilly bluegrass, Americana, and alt-country music sound.
They were fun to photograph.

Then I headed back to Subway stage to see Woodhands.
I’ve seen them various times and they are fun and dance to live.
It was their second time playing Bluesfest.
Not sure if the crowds of teenage girls was receptive.
Got to love Dan Werb swearing like crazy, not sure if parents who bought their kids to see Marianas Trench would have approve.
Saw Jen Polk of Sticky Magazine attended this show. Her reaction to Ottawa Bluesfest (being her first) was very surprising.
They played a new song I haven’t heard.
They remixed CP24 live and it was very unique and different.
Favorite has to be Paul singing Dancer.
So crazy that Dan just took off his shirt and jumped off the stage to go near the crowds of teenage girls.
It was a great set.

Shot some of Matthew Good.
Matthew Good is Matthew Good is all I can say.

Shot Marianas Trench since I got denied taking photos of Crowded House who I really wanted to see.
It was insane with the girls screaming.
Ninjas in the beginning.
Bras and underwear being thrown on stage.
That is all I got to say.

After the insanity, I decided to head up to see Crowded House.
The turnout was kind of low which I didn’t expect.
Easily walked all the way up to the front.
The best part in Crowded House was them singing “Don’t Dream It’s Over”.
So happy hearing it that I was waving my arms, singing very loudly and had a happy tear in my eye.

Perfect evening at Bluesfest.

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  1. Jeremy

    The Marianas Trench fans around me were fairly receptive to Woodhands. They clearly had no idea who the band was but they clapped along and weren’t talking during the show, which is better behaviour than you get from a lot crowds of any age. I haven’t felt so old or so tall at a concert in a long time, though.

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