Blunt Chunks – Wasted [Listen]

Today the Toronto musician Blunt Chunks dropped a new single called Wasted via Fire Talk Record’s Open Tab Series.
A beautiful emotional dreamy soft pop tune which has that Mazzy Star & Lykke Li vibe.

About the song by the artist:
“Wasted” finds Woefle-O’Brien which she collaborates with Granny Smith‘s Jason Bhattacharya on drums, Jaunt‘s Nick Nausbaum on piano and Young Clancy‘s Nathan Burley on bass as part of Blunt Chunks is wrapping forlorn piano around gentle, atmospheric percussion, melding this with her celestial vocals.
She once again taps into her unique blend of spacious, psychedelic country to explore deep emotions and balance the light with the dark. Speaking about the track that comes produced by David Plowman.

Caitlin says:
“This was really fun and intense to do. I got together with my producers and a few good friends who are wicked musicians and we put this song together in a few days. It was different from the way we recorded the EP, which took more or less two years. David Plowman pulled not one, but TWO all-nighters because he had to catch a flight and needed to finish the song beforehand. Honestly, the last couple of days recording this song were hectic but I trusted in the process and David’s perfectionism. We had a few revisions and just kind of did the best we could in the minimal time we had. I think it turned out beautifully and also reminiscent of some 90’s songs I love, it’s giving Mazzy Star vibes a little bit.”

Wasted gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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