Boats – Cannonballs, Cannonballs! (Review)

The first time I saw Boats was back in August of 2008 at a houseshow (Apparently the photos are on Facebook).
Its one of those band I was introduced when listening to Scenic Gorges on CBC Radio 3.
Its been three years since their debut record Intercontinental Champion.
The Winnipeg band are back again with the new album which won’t drop sometime in May 2010.
The band has been described as: “The Arcade Fire minus the drama.”
Their music is really fun indie pop.
When you see this band live, you will see lead singer Mat Klachefsky.
That he looks like a tough guy. But when he starts singing, his voice is so high pitch and very cartoon like.
The album has the typical Boats sound of being playful and catchy indie pop rock dance tunes.
I think they delve abit of the 1980s new wave dance pop sound in Smokestack & Lucy’s Magnificent Cabaret and Summercamp vs. The Fake Moustache Tree.

Since I don’t have Intercontinental Champion to compare to.
This is one great fun album to listen to.
It will not disappoint.

Best tracks:

  • Sunrise On The Muffin District
  • Haircuts For Everybody!!
  • [audio:!!.mp3]
  • Drinking The Lake
  • Chrome Eyelids
  • Smokestack & Lucy’s Magnificent Cabaret
  • TV Scientist
  • Summercamp vs. The Fake Moustache Tree
  • A Tinfoil Everythings
  • [audio:]

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