Aidan Knight – Versicolour (Review)

Aidan Knight might be one of those musicians you see backing up bands or musicians.
Be like “Hey I didn’t know he makes his own music”.
Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia. Aidan has backed some bands like The Zolas (Who I saw them back in Nov 6, 2009).
Versicolour is his debut album and it will be dropped on March 2, 2010.
Hearing the whole eight tracks on Versicolour, I was really surprised with the songwriting and the music.
Versicolour is a blend of indie acoustic chamber folk pop.

Its a really great record and surprise talent of this musician.

Best tracks:

  • The Sun
  • Fighting Against Your Lungs
  • Eye Clicks
  • North East South West
  • Knitting Something Nice For You
  • Jasper

If I rate this, it would be 9/10.
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