Bravestation – Signs of the Civilized [Listen/Download] + Music Video

Toronto’s Bravestation just dropped a new single from the upcoming untitled debut album for 2012.
The single is free to download on their Bandcamp.
Update: The band dropped the music video on May 22, 2012.
You can say it is a dreamy/trippy video.
Mix in it with a secretive group of people doing some ritual.
Cool and sleek music video.

The video depicts rituals taking place in the guise of a bourgeois party and parallels some of the song’s underlying themes including the spiritual quest for eternal youth.
Co-directed by Derek Wilson of the band & Adrian Vieni of Wood & Wires Productions.
It was funded by their supporters via Indiegogo.

Listening to “Signs of the Civilized” and reading the tags from their Bandcamp site.
After having upbeat energetic tracks like White Wolves and Clocks & Spears.
They seemed to went to a mellow, summery groovy sound with Signs of the Civilized.
With a hint of that Caribbean/Jamaican sound.
Made me wonder if they were inspired from Young Galaxy’s track “Cover Your Tracks” (which they played and opened up for them on March 12, 2011).
Still the song has that 1980s new wave sound similar to Peter Gabriel and maintain that haunting Bravestation vocals of Devin Wilson.
Have a listen to Signs of the Civilized.

Tell me what you think of it?
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