Café Alt Concert Series w/ The Elwins and James & Blackburn [February 14, 2013]

You can say love was in the air.
Café Alternatif held their second show on Valentine’s Day.
Playing that night were:
• The Elwins
The Elwins @ Cafe Alt
• James & Blackburn
James & Blackburn @ Cafe Alt
• Yuri Bakker
Yuri Bakker @ Cafe Alt

Yuri Bakker was the resident DJ for the night.
Also the last night for him.
Played a mix of electronica and experimental dance music.
Yuri Bakker @ Cafe Alt
The show started off with James & Blackburn.
They played a excellent set of indie alt-rock.
James & Blackburn @ Cafe Alt
Finally it was The Elwin’s turn.
They hadn’t play in Ottawa in quite some time.
I was very excited to hear their happy pop-rock music!
Played tracks from “And I Thank You” and some new tunes!
They did a nice cover of Beyonce’s Countdown.
The encore which I forgot the name of the song.
They got the audience to interacting with them.
The Elwins @ Cafe Alt
Fun night of a show!

Here are the rest of the photos.

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