#callresponse opening and Eekwol @ Saw Gallery [June 18, 2017]

Went to an opening exhibition at Saw Gallery called #callresponse.
Showed up and watched Eekwol performed.
Here are the details:

#callresponse is a multifaceted project that includes a touring exhibition, website, social-media platform and catalogue. Beginning with a series of local art commissions by Indigenous women and artists whose home communities span the country, the project is geographically expansive yet brought together in the physical space of the gallery and the virtual space of the Internet. Envisioning the initial commissions as a call to action, each artist has invited a guest to respond to her work. The resulting works are exhibited together alongside a series of engaging public performances and events.

The artists of #callresponse propose ways of being through knowledge sharing, expanded kinship relations, land-based practices, interventions into institutional spaces, and creative acts of sovereignty. These narratives acknowledge intergenerational trauma, language loss, marginalization, misrepresentation and disenfranchisement from land and culture. As a whole, the project provides a supportive network structure through which the project evolves, offering opportunities for dialogue with the public and locally-based artists as it travels.

This exhibition is organized and circulated by grunt gallery, and presented by Galerie SAW Gallery in collaboration with the NAC’s Canada Scene.

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