Camp Radio – Campista Socialista [Review]

I will admit to this.
This is my first time listening to a Camp Radio‘s new album Campista Socialista.
There is something quirky and cool about that album title.
But I’ve seen the band live two times on Kelp Records related events.
For those that don’t know, the band members consist of:

I didn’t know it’s Camp Radio’s second album to date since forming in 2005.
All I can say is that they sure know how to rock out big time on this album.
Campista Socialista is a mix of garage rock, alternative and even power pop.
Awhile back when listening to the whole album, I decided to tweet Chris Page on my reaction.
Here are some tweets on tracks like Murder On My SkinSlack, Reinventing The Laugh Track and Turn Up The Radio.

Best track:

I’d give Campista Socialista 9/10.

Don’t forget Campista Socialista Album Launch will be on September 17, 2011 at Babylon Nightclub.
Don’t you like surprises? For those that purchase the first 100 vinyl copies at the show, it will include a bonus 7″ of 2 unreleased Camp Radio songs!

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  1. Chris

    Hey Ming… Thanks for the review and tweets!

    Glad you like the record. Sounds like we need to get you a copy of the first album!

    Just to clarify for your contributors, the bonus 7″ will be included in the first 100 SOLD ONLINE or at the shows. And the good folks have already been pre-ordering the vinyl copy here:


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