Caribou – Suddenly [Review]

*Since the Ottawa show on March 22, 2020 is postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Here is review of the album*
The long awaited album by Caribou called Suddenly came out on February 28, 2020.
It has been about 5 years since his last release which was Our Love.
While Dan Snaith has been focusing in being a father and doing other projects like Daphni.
Suddenly has been a long time coming for his fans.
Certain tracks in the album has that fluttery ambient feel and there are some that seems very mainstream with the sampling on the leading single Home and New Jade.

Suddenly is the most surprising and unpredictable Caribou album to date.
Though it retains the trademark Caribou warmth and technicolor, this album is littered with swerves and left turns.
Songs drop out and morph into something else entirely just as they’re hitting their stride, samples chopped up beyond all recognition burst out of nowhere.

Immensely satisfying and playful, “Never Come Back” encompasses the heart at the centre of Suddenly as repeated samples build around Snaith’s confident vocals to effortless euphoria.

Another great banger track in Ravi.

Probably a sign that Dan wants to show off his producing skills on Suddenly and work with big name artist in the future.
Still a great album to listen to in 2020.
Suddenly gets:

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