Casey Mecija – Psychic Materials [Review]

Ohbijou was my favorite Canadian to come out around the mid-2000s.
I thought of them as the female equivalent to The Acorn.
In 2013, the band announced their indefinite hiatus which left a big hole for the Canadian music scene.
Now in 2016, Casey Mecija who fronted the band has branched out with her first solo outing.
Psychic Materials is 8 tracks of unique atmospheric, dreamy electro-pop.
There was a time that Casey had a project called Warm Myth. Since then Kieran Adams is focused on Diana.
Surprisingly the one track left over from the previous project is Gonna Gun.
There is a hint in Ohbijou with it’s orchestral pop sound/vibe in Condo City
It is sort of a departure from what we are used to with Ohbijou.
This is Casey in her own right, making the music she wants to make.
With the album cover like that, it is a kaleidoscope of moving colours!
Best tracks:

  • This War Is More Than Us
  • Palms Lose
  • Gonna Gun
  • We Feel The Same
  • Sounds That Mark Our Words

I’d give Psychic Materials (New rating system):
/10 Camera flashes!

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