Casper Skulls – Où Va la Chance [Listen]

It has been awhile since Casper Skulls has released anything new.
Today, the band dropped a lovely cover of Françoise Hardy’s Où va la chance.
Have a listen.

About the song:
Melanie St-Pierre says:
This song is actually Françoise’s French cover of Phil Ochs’ “There But For Fortune,” which is one of my favourite songs.
We decided not only to give a nod to my French upbringing by covering it but also dedicate it to my mémère who used to sing to me in French when I was a child.

We’re gearing up to release a very personal body of work next year and this cover is kind of like starting at the beginning but I am now the one singing to my mémère instead.
We had a lot of fun reworking it and love how it turned out

Où Va la Chance gets:

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