Leeward Hues – Leeward Hues [Streaming]

Music.Art.Ppl is a collective & label based out of Ottawa, Canada.
They focus on releasing diverse works from artists, musicians, producers and poets.
The first debut album that is under their label is by Leeward Hues.
The self-titled eponymous debut album is ten tracks of vibrant mix of electronica, chill, synth-pop and house instrumental music.
Come of reminds me of Tycho, Jon Hopkins and Four Tet.
This will either get you in the dreamy chill soundscape zone or get you dancing.

About the album:
Leeward Hues is the musical outlet of multi-instrumentalist Michael Holmes, setting aside his guitar to delve far into the endless capabilities of his analog synths.
Crafting large ranges of textual sounds, layered with thick basses, swelling pads carried by melodic lines, his music is deliberately designed to be your departure sending you into a sonic trance.

From the mellow lows to roaring highs are all part of the excursion with Leeward Hues as the songs weave their tuneful narratives leaving the listener wanting to know what happens next.
This album was written, recorded and mixed in his home studio in Ottawa’s Hintonburg. To keep the process from feeling daunting and laborious, every synth was plugged in to its designated effects pedals and routed to a preamp channel to avoid the constant criss-crossing of patch cords and cables. By turning on a few switches the entire studio would be on stand-by to lure Leeward Hues in.

Leeward Hues gets:

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