Casper Skulls – The Mouth [Music Video]

Today, Toronto-based band Casper Skulls dropped the music video for The Mouth
The third single is taken from their second album Knows No Kindness which comes out on November 12, 2021 via Next Door Records.
A slow moody rock tune which shows off Melanie’s songwriting.

About the track:
Once again latching onto the band’s new direction of icy folk-inflected rock, taking cues from the likes of Neko Case, and Gillian Welch, the new single “The Mouth” peels back those heavier tones previously associated with the band to find a sound that allows singer, Melanie St-Pierre’s lyrics to shine through. Expansive, dreamlike notions are still at play here with guitarist, Neil Bednis finding something more lyrical in his playing drawing inspiration from George Harrison and Neil Young. Written early on in the process of Knows No Kindness, “The Mouth” helped layout the blueprint for how the record would sound as a full piece.

Speaking about the track, Melanie says: “The park has a bit of a legacy in my family. My grandmother used to take my mother swimming there when she was young, and later my mother would take my sister and me. Every spring hundreds of trilliums grow along the dirt road leading to the park. The protest pictured in our album art, of which my grandmother was a big part, helped save the area from having nuclear waste dumped into it. I’m very grateful for this area and go often to check on it and sometimes bird watch.”

The Mouth gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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