Bad Flirt – Virgin Talk (Review)

Bad Flirt is a band that I just noticed this year.
I first saw them in August where they played a show and I just happened to be there for their last two songs. Thank lovely friend for being late.
And saw them again on December 3, 2008
Members of the band are Jasamine White-Gluz, Evan Dubinsky, Laura Lloyd, Nick Knowles and Raf De La Durantaye and from Montreal.
They are young, fresh and fun.
On October 28, 2008 they just released their first full length album called Virgin Talk.

First off I am glad that I bought their album
Its full of energetic indie pop/punk/alternative tunes.
Catchy tracks and fun to listen to.
They also have slow tracks like Homecoming just to showcase other ranges of their talents.
I just noticed that the album is produced by Howard Bilerman.
Who used to be in the Arcade Fire. With that stature of a producer this got to be a band to look out for.
I think Montreal brings out alot of great talents.

I know I shouldn’t say this. I feel like their music should be played on a those teen shows like Gossip Girls or 90210, it just fits in nicely.
If they read this I hope they are OK with it?

Besides being nice and amazing people to know.

The album has alot of 80s synth pop influence.
I don’t see the Metric comparisons in the track Hiroshima, Mon Frere.
I could be wrong and both are very different.

Stand out tracks:

  • Mad, Mad, Madeleine World
  • Hiroshima, Mon Frere
  • Heart Of Darkness
  • How I’m Spending My Summer
  • Homecoming
  • Independence Day

Go get their album!

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