Jim Bryson’s 9th Annual Blacksheep Holiday Shows

I was unexpected to attend Jim Bryson‘s show at the Blacksheep Inn.
Thanks to a nice person who gave me a ride.
It was a sold out show which was packed with alot of excited Jim Bryson fans.
What a show it was and probably a tradition for Jim.
It is the ninth year that he has been doing this show at the Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield, Quebec.
It is very popular in the Ottawa music scene.

The opener was Toronto rock band Tusks who rocked it out.

On to Jim Bryson, I would have thought he would sing Christmas holiday tunes. Which would be interesting but its very early.
He sang mostly from his album Where The Bungalows Roam and other older songs which I wasn’t aware of. Apparently the old albums are not available and sang two new songs.

It was such a lovely intimate show.
Great to have a singer from Ottawa who can bring alot of fun and emotion to his music. And have people in droves to come and be entertain.

Also I liked the stories he tells after the song is done and before a new song starts.
Its funny, crazy and entertain.
Which is a good thing since he is interacting with the audience.

Truly a great performer.
Favorite when he sang a long version of The Wishes Pile Up.
Liked it when he called it a party anthem song.

Sang Clear The Crowds, which is a “crowd” pleaser.

I finally bought Where The Bungalows Roam and got it signed.
Can’t wait for the new album or see him play with Kathleen Edwards on tour.
Click below for more photos.
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