Century Palm, Creep Wave and BB Cream @ Pressed [October 17, 2015]

This was part of CHUO FM’s Funding Drive which actually takes place on October 19-25.
You can say this was the pre-funding drive and this was one of those live shows at Pressed.
Performing on October 17th was Century Palm, Creep Wave and BB Cream.

Century Palm @ Pressed
Finally got to see Toronto’s Century Palm. They played an awesome punk new wave music. Being CHUO FM’s funding driving, a big Century Palm fan made a donation of $100 to get the band to perform a Devo cover. They did a great job at it. Definitely a great set!!
Creep Wave @ Pressed
Second band to play was Ottawa’s Creep Wave. Plerformed a fun catchy punk music set. They are getting better each time when they perform live.
BB Cream @ Pressed
Beginning the show was the new Ottawa act called BB Cream. They had a surf rock sound to it. Or as their description says “Happy sad Punk songs”.

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