CFCF & Silkken Laumann (DJ Set) @ Saint Brigid’s Underground [February 11, 2012]

This was the last of three shows that happened in Ottawa on February 11, 2012.
I headed up to Saint Brigid’s (which was downstairs) for this event.
First time attending a Mindgames (Usually happens at Babylon) event and more of a DJ electronica-house.
Playing there were:
CFCF @ Saint Brigid's Underground
Silkken Laumann
Silkken Laumann @ Saint Brigid's Underground

To be honest, I had a great time at this show.
Mostly because alot of the people I know were there.
I rarely go to these kind of shows.
Silkken Laumann @ Saint Brigid's Underground
I got there when Ottawa’s Silkken Laumann’s DJ set.
Glad I didn’t missed it.
It was a interesting to see Pat, Adam and Rolk take turns spinning their music.

I was kind of excited to see CFCF’s set.
I never seen him live before.
Since he has remixed tracks from acts like Woodhands, Crystal Castles and Owen Pallett.
It was a fun set, I couldn’t stop dancing.
CFCF @ Saint Brigid's Underground
Overall I had a great time and comfortable in this setting.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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