Chad VanGaalen, Cousins & Her Harbour @ Mavericks [July 23, 2012]

I decided that I needed to go out on a Monday night to Mavericks for this show.
Since it is still summer why not make the most fun out of the summer (with rain) in July.
Playing at the show was:
Chad VanGaalen
Chad VanGaalen @ Mavericks
Cousins @ Mavericks
Her Harbour
Her Harbour @ Mavericks

The show started off with Ottawa’s Her Harbour.
It was a nice set filled with indie contemporary folk and pop music.
Accompanied by Andre Bluteau on drums.
Most of the songs I’ve heard at previous live shows she has played.
But it still was great and bought chills down my spine.
Great to see an musician play the autoharp. A friend who was at the show said “I love that instrument she is playing”.
Her album will drop in the fall time.
Her Harbour @ Mavericks
Next was Cousins from Halifax.
I was really excited to see them again.
This time they played to more than 10 people at this show.
The duo consisting of Aaron and Leigh played a high intense indie grunge lo-fi rock set.
So intense looked like Leigh was going to destroy the drums.
Cousins mostly played tracks from “The Palm At The End Of The Mind”.
Definitely amazing if you are into the grungey lo-fi surf rock kind of music.
Cousins @ Mavericks
Lastly it was Chad to come on stage.
I hadn’t seen him since last year in Toronto during NXNE. (The Canada Day show doesn’t really count but it was still great but short)
I actually renewed my faith in Chad at this show.
This time I wasn’t exhausted and there wasn’t any technical difficulties.
All I have to say that Chad’s performance was “electric”!!
Anyone noticed his custom made guitar?
Chad VanGaalen @ Mavericks
Started off with some softer songs, forgot the name of the first song but afterwards played “Shave My Pussy” and “Willow Tree”.
Beyond ecstatic hearing those two songs.
Did Chad sing a song about “Cheese Strings”??
Things got intensely electric when Chad played his louder tracks from Diaper Island.
The only song he played from Soft Airplanes was Bones of Man.
Enjoyed singing to Do Not Fear, Sara and Peace On The Rise.
Overall I was really impress and a highlight for a Monday night show.
Chad VanGaalen @ Mavericks
Here are the rest of the photos.

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