Kashka & Michael Duguay @ Raw Sugar Cafe [July 22, 2012]

Went to a nice intimate show at Raw Sugar Cafe on July 22, 2012.
A first for Kashka to play in Ottawa.
Playing at the show were:
Kashka @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Michael Duguay
Michael Duguay @ Raw Sugar Cafe

The show started off with Michael Duguay.
Last time that I saw him play was at Raw Sugar Cafe where he opened up for Giant Hand.
It was nice folk rock set.
Played tracks from his upcoming album “Heavy on the Glory”.
Amazing talented singer and loved the stories he told.
One being about the first time he met Kat Burns, how he was liked Forest City Lover’s soothing music and then it got loud with The D’Urbervilles.
Michael Duguay @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Not sure if this was one of the songs but you should check it out.

Kashka @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Finally it was Kashka’s turn to play.
I was kind of excited to see it.
Hadn’t seen Kat Burns play in Ottawa for awhile.
With Forest City Lovers no more, she is focusing on Kashka.
It is far different and the music is very pop-dance and fun.
I enjoyed the set despite the only person standing, dancing and it was a Sunday night.
Kashka played tracks from Vichada.
Hopefully she will return and get a bigger draw.
Kashka @ Raw Sugar Cafe

Here are the rest of the photos.

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