Charlotte Cornfield, Isaac Vallentin and Trails @ Pressed [March 5, 2016]

Arboretum Festival presented a wonderful evening of singer-songwriter show at Pressed on March 5, 2016.
Performing at the show was Charlotte Cornfield, Isaac Vallentin and Trails.
Charlotte Cornfield @ Pressed
It’s been quite a long time since Charlotte Cornfield has played in Ottawa.
The folk-pop singer is promoting her new album called Future Snowbird.
Charlotte performed a wonderful which she had a backing band.
Charlotte Cornfield @ Pressed
Isaac Vallentin was the second to perform.
This was his last Ottawa show for now because he is moving to Italy for a year.
Isaac previewed some new tracks in which he will try to record before moving.
He performed a wonderful of experimental pop music.
This time he is sounding like Aidan Knight.
Isaac Vallentin @ Pressed
Trails was the first act to perform.
Performed a wonderful intimate folky-pop music.
Trails @ Pressed
It was a pretty nice intimate show for a Saturday night.
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