Checking out Ottawa’s The Guilty Minds

Modern Wolf @ Zaphods
On the advice from someone that I should check out this Ottawa band called The Guilty Minds.
When I discovered that the name Joe Brownrigg, I was like “I saw this band under a different name”.
Band in question was Modern Wolf and it was the only time I saw them live since they opened for “Braids” and “Shapes and Sizes” on July 21, 2010.

The band consist of:

  • Rob Apking
  • Steve Boudreau
  • Joe Brownrigg
  • Alex Holmes
  • Dan Junkins

Their music is more on the indie folk rock side.
Very similar to Old Crowns (who are headlining on May 28th) without the angst.
More calming and chillaxing within their music.
Check out these two tracks that I like from their Soundcloud page
Sand and Glass by The Guilty Minds
Ocean’s Song by The Guilty Minds

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