CityFolk Festival 2018 [Day 3]

Here is the rundown from day 3 of CityFolk Festival 2018.
Kicking off the City Stage at 6pm was 54-40.
Their performance was an unplugged affair with arrangements from acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin and others for a reimagining of the band’s greatest hit. 7/10.
Day 3 of CityFolk Festival 2018
Flint Eastwood was the first band to perform at Ravenlaw Stage.
It was more of electro-pop set of the lead singer moving around and whipping her hair.
Trying to get the audience to stand up and dance to their music. 6/10.
Day 3 of CityFolk Festival 2018
Toronto musician Allan Rayman seemed to be stumbling drunk when he got on the City Stage.
Not sure what I was witnessing, was it a trainwreck bound to happen or Allan putting on a schtick to get through the 40 minutes of his alternative R&B hip-hop music.
While the audience was loving it, I felt like he was mirroring Amy Winehouse. Sorry if I am sounding like an old cranky man and probably get alot of flack. 5/10.
Day 3 of CityFolk Festival 2018
Singer-songwriter William Prince performed a wonderful intimate folk and country set. 8/10.
Day 3 of CityFolk Festival 2018
Ending my Friday night at the festival was Nick Murphy (Chet Faker).
Performing an insane epic downbeat electronica set.
Same set back in May when I was in Montreal.
Nick put on a captivating set. 7/10.
Day 3 of CityFolk Festival 2018
Overall night on Day 3 – 7/10.

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