Clues w/ Giant Hand, The Rough Sea and Les Mammographes @ Mavericks

On January 13 it was a nice evening to see four different acts play at Mavericks (originally Cafe Dekcuf).
Playing at the show were:

I was more excited to see Clues again. Last time they played was on July 27, 2009.
Something about Clues just excites me and they put on a excellent show.

The first band to play was Les Mammographes who hail from Quebec City.
Their music is indie alternative rock with some new wave synth which mixes in english and french singing.
They are a vibrant trio.
A very young and promising band. You have to see them live.

Second was The Rough Sea.
Surprised they draw alot of people.
There were some difficulties before the set because they were setting up with their acoustic instruments and getting it to sound right.
Which took abit of time.
They had a fun set but I was there for about 2-3 songs because I was interviewing two members of Clues.

Third was Giant Hand.
He is definitely doing really well for the Ottawa music.
Finally got to see him have Rolf of the Acorn back him up for this set.
It made his music alot better and added more depth.
I will be seeing him play alot of shows in Ottawa come 2010.

Finally Clues was up.
I can understand why it had to be moved from Cafe Dekcuf to Mavericks.
Their set up was insanely huge, they needed two drummers, they had two keyboards and had their own speakers which they stapled with some interest patterned fabric.
Alden was up and he was telling the audience about the earthquake that happened in Haiti.
He said if you want to help out and donate, just go to the Canadian Red Cross. If you want to call and donate the number in the Ottawa area the number is (613) 740-1900 .
It was a mind blowing set.
Played like every song from the debut album.
Hearing Perfect Fit with the piano part was just mind blowing.
Loved hearing Cave Mouth which is my favorite tracks on the album.
But my favorite was when Alden asked the guy (who I forgot his name) to play drums while Brendan had to sing “You Had My Eyes Now”
Was amazing to see when the blue light is spotlighted on Brendan and just hearing it was just brilliant.
Last song was Ledmonton and it was just great to hear.

Totally a fun evening with four different musicians.

For you listening enjoyment.
Here is a audio interview with Clues.
Thanks to Matt Bostelaar in helping me out.


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