Florence + The Machine – Lungs (Review)

Move over Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Bjork.
You have to check out Florence + The Machine.
A band that just debut in 2009 and is hitting it big time.
It is fronted by singer Florence Welsh.
This album has been out since July 6, 2009 and just hit it big all over the UK and Europe.
Still the album has not made it to #1 in the UK (thanks to the death of Michael Jackson) but maybe in 2010 it will finally make its due to the mass promotion it has surrounded in British TV.
Due to constant touring in Europe and some parts in North America, the band is going to become even bigger.

Listening to Lungs, I was so blown away with the music.
The music is all over the map.
Ranges from Alternative rock, art rock, indie pop, baroque pop, soul and neofolk.
So far they are getting popular because they cover “You Got The Love” and I prefer their version.
Its more hard edge and fun to dance to.
I actually enjoy this album and I am disappointed that I missed them when they played in either Toronto and Montreal.
They remind of the Ting Tings but more of a soul and emotion to their music.
Lungs is really fun, raw and easy listen to album
Can’t believe I didn’t put it in my Best of 2009 list.

Best tracks:

If I rate this, it would be a 10/10.
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  1. Asad

    I love singing along to the part in “Dog Days” where Florence says, “Run fast for your mother. . .” It has such a fantastic frenzied energy.

  2. Marcela Pan

    Florence is unbeliaveble. They make such great music… I mean, the lyrics, the idea of “Bird Song” is just amazing. “Blinding”, “My Boy Builds Coffins”, “Cosmic Love”… That’s just awesome. Florence knows how to write lyrics, it’s not just a bunch of words that seem nice together.

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