Cousins – The Halls of Wickwire [Review]

Things should be looking good for Halifax’s hard working band Cousins.
They just released their third album The Halls of Wickwire on Hand Drawn Dracula (Canada) and Ba Da Bing Records (USA) on May 13th.
The Halls of Wickwire is 37 minutes of vibrant, aggressive jangle reverby pop rock music.
This is their best effort they have made on this album.
Somewhat gone are the lo-fi fuzzy vocals of Aaron Mangle.
Nice surprise with Leigh singing on Death Man and What’s Your Name.
One of my favourite and rocking albums of 2014!
Cousins @ Mercury Lounge
Best tracks:

  • Phone
  • Alone
  • Death Man
  • Body
  • What’s Your Name
  • Mess
  • Singing

I’d give The Halls of Wickwire 10/10.
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