Coy Haste – Apicultura EP [Streaming]

Brad Webber who plays in BisonBison, Pick a Piper and Caribou has another side project called Coy Haste.
Today, Coy Haste dropped a new EP called Apicultura which is on Stereo Ferment.
Apicultura with it’s 4 tracks is a blend of world electro-dance and clubby vibe music.
It is a fun listening to a different side to Brad which feels light and just want to dance around to the music.

About the EP:
Apicultura is an instrumental interpretation of a San folk origin story from the Kalahari Desert.
The scene is set by blending modern electronica production with 70s inspired afro synth, traditional percussive elements, bubblegum inspired bass, dubbed-out marimbas and chopped up rural folk recordings.

Apicultura gets:

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