Crowded Room Series with The Split and Moonfruits [May 30, 2014]

Went to this debut series called Crowded Room that took place in the Gallery Recording Studio on Fifth/Bank (Glebe area)
Crowded Room is a collaborative project between Gallery Recording Studio, Dan Rascal, and LOG Creative Bureau.
Here is the gist of it:
Crowded Room has no stage.
Bands are mixed amongst the audience in the old chapel of the Gallery Recording Studio, with the entire evening filmed by the Dan Rascal crew.
No second takes, no overdubs!

The acts that played were The Split and Moonfruits.
Crowded Room Show with The Split
The Split got people moving and shaking to their soul funky music.
It was such a unique setup with various members in different areas of the room.
Crowded Room Show with Moonfruits
Moonfruits was the first band to play.
They serenaded with their blend of catchy folk-pop music.
Overall it was a great show for this series.
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