Dana Gavanski – Never Too Far [Listen]

At first I thought it was the Mariah Carey cover but I was wrong and the song is a cover by Tim Hardin.
Dana Gavanski released the third track from the upcoming covers EP called Wind Songs which comes out on August 14, 2020 via Flemish Eye Records and Full Time Hobby for outside of Canada.
This EP comes after the release of her debut album Yesterday is Gone earlier in March 2020.

About the song:
I got into Tim Hardin 1 in the last year and something about “Never Too Far” struck me. It’s cheeky, and upbeat but also quite melancholic. There’s a strangeness to it I can’t put my finger on, a tension of intent. On my last tour, before lockdown, James and I played this song in most of the sets with an old analogue Roland drum machine so it was great to get into the studio and explore it a bit more…

Never Too Far gets:

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