Dan Mangan & An Horse @ Mavericks

It was another sold out show on April 24, 2010.
I got to see Dan Mangan and An Horse.
Both were playing at Mavericks.
This was my first time to finally see Dan Mangan live.
I heard alot of good things about his live shows.

The first act to play was Australia’s An Horse.
I was really impress with their set.
They reminded me of Tegan & Sara which they have toured with.
Also found out that either one of them produced their album.
A band that you should see live.
An Horse @ Mavericks
Finally it was a Dan Mangan’s turn to play.
He had a backing band.
He started off with Sold and the audience went insane and sang every word.
More like everyone who was at the show knew every word to his songs.
Lovely to hear Road Regrets and The Indie Queens are Waiting.
Dan sure knows how to make the crowd go crazy.
Dan Mangan @ Mavericks
In under just two years, his music is reaching across Canada and selling out shows due to word of mouth or winning Artist of the Year from XM Satellite’s Verge Music Awards.
My favorite parts was he sang Some People, during the chorus he went down the stage and into the audience.
It was crazy and fun.
Another part was him seeing Robots and people were singing it outloud.
He goes some people upstage to play the instruments, my brother included.
Overall I totally enjoyed this show.
One of the best shows I’ve been this weekend.
Dan Mangan @ Mavericks
Here is a my short interview with Dan Mangan.

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