Plants & Animals and Magnetic Hill @ Babylon [April 23, 2010]

It was a spectacular April 23rd night at Babylon.
It was the album release show for Plants and Animals‘s La La Land.
The show at Babylon Nightclub was totally sold out and I was very lucky enough to attend to this show.
The first band to play was Magnetic Hill.
They are Quebec band and their music was very indie psychedelic rock.
They were really good live.
Hoping they will come back to Ottawa and have something out like an EP or a full-length.
Magnetic Hill @ Babylon
It was time for Plants and Animals to go up the stage.
At that time alot of people decided to move up closer to the stage.
I did see some of my friends and talked to random people about Plants and Animals.
You can check out the setlist which I took and find out which songs they sang live.
Plants and Animals never disappoint live.
It was a very loud set, so loud that some people had to plug their ears.
At least I had my earplugs.
Within years they will be playing bigger venues.
It was so packed that I noticed that the sitting area it was packed of people standing, trying to get a glance of the band live.
It was totally crazy and hot.
The audience sang every song which is a surprise.
My favorite songs they sang were: Undone Melody, Faerie Dance, Swinging Bells, Game Shows, Mercy and The Mama Papa.
The only thing I missed was when they sang Bye Bye Bye, that they didn’t have the autoharp. But it was worth it for them to sing it live.
In under three years the band is getting bigger and better.
This was some show.
Plants and Animals @ BabylonPlants and Animals @ BabylonPlants and Animals @ Babylon


  • New Kind O fLove
  • Fake It
  • Celebration
  • Good Friend
  • Jeans Jeans Jeans
  • Undone Melody
  • Faerie Dance
  • Swinging Bells
  • American Idol
  • Gameshows
  • Mercy
  • The Mama Papa


  • Tom Cruz
  • Bye Bye Bye

This show was brilliantly amazing and surely kicked off the Ottawa live music scene.
Considering this was my 8th time seeing them live. (How embarrassing is that?)
Click below for more photos.
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