Dan Mangan – Nice, Nice, Very Nice [Streaming]

Dan Mangan‘s sophomore album, “Nice, Nice, Very Nice.”
It’s always interesting to discover new releases, especially when they come as a pleasant surprise.

The use of a larger production sound and the inclusion of various instruments like violin, trumpets, piano, and synths in “Nice, Nice, Very Nice” showcase Mangan’s willingness to experiment with different musical elements.
The emotional and intimate delivery in his singing, along with the varied instrumentation, seems to create a rich and engaging listening experience.

The three songs from the Roboteering EP making it into the album provides continuity for fans who have followed his earlier work, and the nod to Kurt Vonnegut with the album title adds an interesting literary connection.

Drawing comparisons to artists like Damien Rice or David Gray provides a helpful reference point for those unfamiliar with Dan Mangan’s style, offering a sense of what to expect from his music.

Overall,the album emphasizes the quality and appeal of “Nice, Nice, Very Nice.”

Nice, Nice, Very Nice gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.


  1. mchen

    Woohoo!!!! I am a lucky gal who’s happened to see Dan play a few times now, and he’s fantastic live. SO SO happy that he’s gotten this recognition — not the last of it, I expect. I see big things for this guy.

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