Dean Marino – LOVE​:​THIRTEEN [Streaming]

Toronto’s Dean Marino who used to play in the band Papermaps.
He branched out on his own with the debut album called LOVE​:​THIRTEEN via Flowerpot Records.
The whole album has this 90s throwback of the alternative rock guitar soaring sound.

About the album:
LOVE:THIRTEEN is quite a departure from his other works while retaining quite a lot of his signature flair.
Dean Marino’s deft and pristine production make for a fantastic and recognizable sound.
Dean let the FPR team make the finishing touches, and his son made the artwork, but every single sound heard on the record was made by Dean himself over the course of a few months.
After over a decade of producing albums with other notable bands such as Tokyo Police Club and Born Ruffians, it’s not a surprise that this album is absolutely beautiful on the production end.

The arrangements are lush but precise, with not a tone out of place, and Dean’s excellent songwriting is on full display as a result.
The spoken word tracks, while among the most unexpected additions to Dean’s ever-expanding sound present on this recording, are welcome and well-fitting, and add to the emotional weight of the piece as a whole.
The pieces come together to create an amazing and career-spanning work of gathered wisdom and beauty, and we’re so glad to be sharing it with the world.


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