Debaser – Mood Ring Vol. II [Streaming]

It has been five years since the first edition of Debaser‘s Mood Ring.
Today comes volume 2 of the compilation which is mix of experimental pop, electronica, punk and etc showing the uniqueness of the artist.
Favorites are bumping rocking Century Egg’s I Will Make Up a Method, dreamy ambient Deidre’s Numb and poppy bedroom of Orchidae’s Love (bedroom version).
Streaming only at Bandcamp.

About the compilation:
A mixtape and interactive online experience that guides the player to discover one of eight tracks from a curated collection of new music. Designed as a playful way to discover new music online, the quasi-introspective web experience may also reveal something about the player through the process. Each turn at Mood Ring Vol. 2 allows you to discover new paths and results, depending on how you respond to the prompts.

Mood Ring, Vol 2 features new music by sci-fi turntablist SlowPitchSound, ambient beat designer Mas Aya, power pop rainbow band Century Egg, electronic groove collective Bucko Art Machine, synth pop dreamer Orchidae, electro-jazz mission commander Klapshmock!, avant-pop visionary Deidre, and a special collaboration by electro-acoustic composer duo Melody McKiver & Thomas Goguelin. Learn more and find links to each of the artists’ works at

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the indefinite hiatus on Debaser’s regular live programming, the non-profit music presenter sought an innovative way to adapt its programming and create magical musical experiences within a digital space. Thanks to support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the project was curated by Debaser director Rachel Weldon and brought to life by experimental game designer Marie Claire LeBlanc-Flanagan, visual artist Robin Richardson-Dupuis, and composer Emily McQuarrie.

Mood Ring Vol. II gets:

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