Diamond Rings, Parlovr and The Balconies @ Cafe Dekcuf

December 18th was surely a fun time at Cafe Dekcuf.
It was a festive holiday mood besides Cafe Dekcuf being cold when I got there.
Playing there were:

  • The Balconies
  • The Balconies @ Cafe Dekcuf
    Here is a video of The Slo that I taped. Sorry on the focusing part.

  • Parlovr
  • Parlovr @ Cafe Dekcuf
    Here is a live video of them singing Pen To The Paper. (Sorry about the audio quality)

    Listen to the interview with Parlovr. They were cool and funny during the interview. Warning alot of f-bombs being dropped.

  • Diamond Rings
  • Diamond Rings @ Cafe Dekcuf

Set started off with Diamond Rings.
I was very excited and anxious to hear his set.
If you find him familiar, he is the lead singer of the D’Urbervilles.
I saw him once at Pop Montreal and I was there for two songs because I had to jet off to another venue.
His set is so infectious of new wave dance beats.
The audience who was there totally enjoyed it and danced to the music.
Wish he played a longer set.

Next was Montreal’s Parlovr. this was my third time seeing them live.
They just rocked it out as always.
This band seems to amaze me with their rocking energy.
Words can’t explain about their live performances.

Lastly it was The Balconies.
Apparently alot of people were in attendance to see them.
Since they moved to Toronto and playing live in the Toronto music scene.
Ottawa needed them back and it shows dedication from the Ottawa fans.
Amazing live performance as always.

Overall it was a fun show being when some people are done exams and the holidays are beginning.
Surprise with the turnout and an appearance of Melody Lamb from Singinglamb.ca.
At least she experience the Ottawa music scene.
Hope she liked the show.
I had a blast.

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